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Paffoni Italian Faucets

Their STORY Since 1953
Roberto Paffoni founded a sanitary and bathware product company in Italy in 1953
Created many collections of high quality faucets and other products, including Chef, Shower, and Green collections
Uses Advanced technology to design energy and water saving faucets
2018 - Paffoni employs hundreds of professionals in state-of-the-art industrial plants

Faucets in Sri Lanka

Original and pure Italian made faucets
Available in different colours
Different shapes and accessories
Doorstep Delivery of Italian Faucets in Sri Lanka

People behind Paffoni

Founded in 1953 by Mr. Roberto Paffoni, Rubinetteria PAFFONI SpA is a historic brand of sanitary fittings and a successful business reality in continuous expansion, now represented by the second and third generation of Paffoni family.

Why We Trust Paffoni

It is what architects, designers, and most of our customers prefer. Besides, Idel Tiles wants to give you the best of the world, so why not exactly do that?

The continuous design enhancements year after year pave the way for you to select from a number of elegantly crafted and stylishly matching faucets for your lovely home or office.

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