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Highest Tile Quality Standards in Sri Lanka

Quality Categories
  1. Ceramic Quality Guarantee
  2. Technical and Resistance
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Environmental and Energy
  5. ISO and Compliance
Tested in
European Union
Germany and Italy
World class quality certifications for Idel Tiles of Sri Lanka

Why is Quality Important for Tile Floors and Walls?

Tiling is a major part of your house, office, shop, or other building and if even the average level of quality is not satisfied, adversity could reign. Construction disasters, hazardous events, and dangerous situations could be the result if low-grade products are used in your building and room floors and walls as well as other surface, such as kitchen countertops.

Consequently, it is of the utmost importance to always check that you install genuine ceramic porcelain tiles for your rooms in your residence, commercial, industrial, or leisure buildings.

We at Idel Tiles Sri Lanka do not believe in average or mediocrity as we strive to always provide the highest level of quality available.

This is the reason that the Founder of Idel Tiles, Christo Daberera, personally travels to Italy and Europe and then selects tiles that are only ceramic porcelain products with industrial grade A quality levels.

You can easily check this official company website for further details on product quality information on marble, wood, stone, terracotta and other tiles.

How to Check for Best Quality Ceramic Tiles?

The following is a list of the main characteristics and features that the highest quality or premium grade A tiles should possess in order for it to be safe, reliable, and long-lasting for any building project.

  1. Manufactured from genuine ceramic porcelain materials
  2. Homogenous or uni-body tile
  3. Made and designed in Italy or other developed country
  4. Tile edges are smooth
  5. Heavy tile weight
  6. Does not break or chip off easily
  7. Fireproof, water-resistant, and rust or corrosion-resistant
  8. Stain and slip-resistance
  9. Smell-resistant and easy to clean
  10. Abrasion-resistant and PEI tested
  11. Have ISO and other global quality certifications
  12. The surface texture design looks advanced
  13. Shine, polish, gloss, or matte appearance looks brand new.
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The above information on tile quality was researched and collected from the following researchers, industrial companies, and professionals.

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Our Tile Quality Certificates

ISO 14001 for Tile Company

Quality certificate awarded for our long-standing Italian tile manufacturer and partner Casalgrande Padana by ISO.
This particular international certification was won for the ISO 14001 quality standard, which focuses on environmental-related aspects.

We at Idel Tiles import ISO 14001:2004 certified tiles to Sri Lanka
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All information in this website is provided as is and
specific details are collected from Italian tile manufacturing companies,
Sri Lankan ceramic industry professionals, architects, interior designers, and consultants.
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