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Italian Tiles for Your

Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Hotel or Home Dine Table
Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Drink Bar and Cocktail
Italian ceramic tiles for dining and party of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Birthday and Events
Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Hotel and Office Waiting Area

You should eat and enjoy your delicious food in a royal manner while relishing the company of your beloved family and friends.

We have grade A Italian floor and wall tiles that imitate the wondrous glory of marble, stone, wood, terracotta, fresco, glass, and other effects that will help you to design the best home, hotel, or restaurant dining area, café, and drinks bar.

Easy to Clean! No Smells! Water Resistant

Luxury Royal Dining

A royal palace design style incorporating ivory floor tiles coupled with peach wall tiles.

Why Hotels and Customers Love it!
  1. Eat in princely style with loved ones
  2. A majestic royal look that is suitable for any 5 or 7-star hotel
  3. Captures your eyes and heart like a magnet

Peaceful Family Dining

Silver stone floors married to light wooden wall tiles that is ideal for blackish or wooden dining, living, and kitchen furniture.

Why Mums and Busy People Love it!
  1. Allows family members to eat quick but enjoy a lot
  2. Beautiful but classically simple enough to relieve stress
  3. A feeling warmth and kindness could overflow between loved ones

Enchanting Olden Dining

Reminiscent of an antique black style that is glued to a natural wooden look for your kitchen, dining area, and pantry.

Why Grandparents and Designers Love it!
  1. Reminds seniors of a glorious past
  2. An aura of mystery that refreshes guests
  3. Smooth blend of antique and modern styles

Cute Banquet

A cute family dining space that fits your personality and allows any guest to enjoy your cooking and your interior design style.

Why Friends and Neighbours Love it!
  1. A sense of heavenly peace is kindled in the hearts of your loved ones
  2. This cute modern style will beckon any visitor to enjoy your food
  3. A natural touch that matches any type of chair and table due to latest earth styles

Café Eatery

A cute family dining space that fits your personality and allows any guest to enjoy your cooking and your interior design style.

Why Business Owners Love it!
  1. Customers will feel welcome and attracted
  2. Makes your business look better and successful
  3. Shiny and dazzling granite stone floors

Popular Dining Ceramic Tiles in Sri Lanka

White Ocean
tiles Amani
tiles Glossy
tiles Granito
tiles Red Sand

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Ceramic tile delivery in Sri Lanka Colombo by Idel

Buy Delicious Tiles for Your Sri Lankan Dining Now!

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Make your lovely meals even more tasty!

We deliver Italian ceramic porcelain tiles anywhere in Sri Lanka for home, hotel, restaurant, shop, and office dining room floors and walls.

Our distribution and transport locations include Colombo, Negombo, Gampaha, Puttalam, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala, Matara, Kegalle, Ratnapura, Anuradhapura, Chilaw and any other Sri Lankan city.

We at Idel have marble, stone, wood, terracotta, granite, freso, glass, fabric, metallic, and many more design textures, sizes and shapes of the best quality beautiful tiles.

Italian dining and hotel eatery taps, faucets, and accessories are also delivered by Idel. Press or tap this to check our faucets here!

Best Quality Dining Tiles in Sri Lanka

Scientific Research and Information for Sri Lankans on Selecting Quality Tiles

The research team at Idel first studied several researches, scientific journals, and other publications from United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia, India, and other countries to properly understand tiles, flooring, ceramics, and industrial quality tiling.

3 minutes read time per article
Researched from architects, interior designers, industrial experts and customers
Written by the research team of Idel Tiles Sri Lanka
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Perfectly Beautiful Floor and Wall Tiles for Your Dining Room

Dining Table and Chair Space

Experts Say Interior designs advice to have lots of space for guests and customers to walk freely, especially around the dining table.
Your dining furniture, carpets, curtains, wall paintings, and other items should match your floor and wall tiles.
Colour Combination If you desire a peaceful environment for family dinners, then light coloured and natural tiling is recommended.
Best colours are beige, cream, white, and faded silver.
For a hotel or lavish modernised home or apartment, then darker tiles are better – shiny and decorated black tiles or silver and grey stoneware tiles.
Effect and Look If you have an entertaining personality, then go for stylish shiny gloss porcelain tiles.
Most hotels, restaurants, and food shops have marble or fine stone porcelain tiles for their floors.
Many stores and homes now adopt wood-look ceramic porcelain tiles for their floors and walls. Wooden dining tables and chairs look good on these designs.
Shape and Size Larger square-shaped tiles that are neutral or comfortable to the eye or even dazzling ceramic tiles are recommended.

Drink Bar and Cocktails

Experts Say An entertaining appeal should be created with a lively energetic mood.
Colour Combination Many restaurants, hotels, bars, and entertainment clubs as well as tourist destinations in Colombo, Negombo, and other parts of Sri Lanka install black tiling with white or dark beige wall tiles.
However, we recommend beige, salmon, coral, light pink, reddish-brown, or silver colours to be considered and to match it with your furniture.
Effect and Look For outdoor dining and drink areas, then terracotta effect Italian tiles are effective as they blend in with the natural beauty of sand, trees, water, grass, or pebbles.
Shape and Size Experiment with tile sizes as this space can be used to be a fun zone in your building, be it residential, commercial, or even industrial.
Large rectangular floor tiles with smaller hexagon, round circular, or rhombus wall tiles will be a great match.

Restaurant Welcome and House Guest Area

Experts Say Both young and old should feel welcome and the room should look comfortable and clean.
Sunlight coming in from outside can be used to create a magical effect if Italian marble tiles are used.
Colour Combination Many hotels, cafés, and food eateries or shops at supermarkets, stadiums, universities, schools, hospitals, and airports have a mix of dark and medium to light tiling.
Cream, beige, silvery grey, lavender, and off-white are amazing colours for a light-shaded dining floor.
Dark grey and black with a mixture of lighter tiles can also be used.
Effect and Look A dark horse style with black marble, metallic, stone, or concrete effect tiling can be used.
For light or medium coloured ceramic porcelain, go for cream, reddish, or earthy natural coloured terracotta or fabric.
Shape and Size Rectangular large tiles are now in trend but many architects recommend larger squared shaped Italian ceramic porcelain tiles.

Food Stores, Utensils and Cabinets

Experts Say A clean white or bright look for your food storage will show a hygienic environment to your customers and guests.
Colour Combination Designers will consistently recommend pure white floors and walls for food and equipment spaces but some prefer silver or grey tiles with glossy surfaces as these match the exterior appearance of your dining, cooking, serving or kitchen equipment.
Effect and Look Granite, metallic, or stone effect porcelain tiles are recommended as these not only look beautiful but are also easy to clean.
Luxury marble tiles are also popular as they are also of high quality and creates a royal look.
Shape and Size You might have seen that many of these dining equipment and food serving rooms have smaller white or faded light coloured tiles for their background walls.
The floors can be large or standard-sized square or rhombus tiles.
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Research References:
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Your Visitors Want Only Good Food and Relaxed Peace While Eating!

Advices from Design Professionals

True, your cooking or the meals prepared by your chefs, staff or employees will be the focal point at your dining table in your home, hotel, restaurant, bakery, or other food shop. But, according to architects, researchers, and interior designers, the feeling and ambience created by the floor and wall tile of the area plays a crucial role in relaxing your family members, friends, co-workers, customers, neighbours, and guests.

Advices from interior designer Zoe Durrant (2018) is simple – “They just want to enjoy in peace in your dining room!”

Another interior designer, Samantha (2018) has suggested recently that a unique look in your dining room will be an attraction to your guests. We at Idel Tiles Sri Lanka believe that this is especially true for luxury residential buildings, tourist resorts, business and office eating spaces, supermarkets, and food stores.

How to Make Your Dine Room a Relaxing Hit with Idel Tiles!

The Founder of Idel Tiles, Christo, believes that using the following ceramic porcelain tiles will transform the typical dining room to a tranquil relaxing area:

  1. Pure white marble tiles or alabaster marble tiles with silver and grey surface designs
  2. Cream, beige, or light pink coloured marble or stone tiling with posh textures
  3. White or yellow-brown or sand coloured natural wood-look porcelain tiles.

Selecting a colour scheme that feels gentle or calm for your interior design will allow your room to be relaxing according to Zoe Durrant (2018). She has further stated that faded wood-look or brownish-grey wood-look floors will appear to be comfortable and peaceful.

Europica Consultants (2014), a flooring consulting company, suggests that tile colours that look similar to each, such as beige and faded rose or white and off-white silver, will make any building room peaceful where the visitors can have their meals in joy and relaxed mood set.

Research References:
  1. Christo Daberera, Founder of Idel Tiles
  2. Europica Consultants (2014), Tile Design and Flooring Consultant
  3. Samantha Morphew (2018), Interior Designer
  4. Zoe Durrant (2018), Interior Designer
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Delivery of Kitchen Tiles in Sri Lanka!

Just one call to Idel Tiles and we will stop all our other work and swiftly load up your favourite and selected tiles and transport it to your doorstep!

You name it, we will deliver it! Highest and best quality marble, terracotta, stone, granite, wood, fabric, glass, and other kitchen floor and wall tiles have been delivered to hotels, stores, offices, homes, and other places since the company Idel Tiles was started! Even right now, as we were writing this article, our transport and logistic operators were loading some of the finest white and silver tiles for a same day delivery order!

We provide delivery to any province, district, city or village in Sri Lanka and at any time. Furthermore, we can arrange free or highly affordable delivery if you contact our Founder, Christo Daberera, directly via +94 777 176 169!

You might wonder if Idel delivers tiles to outstation destinations, and as we have done previously since 2004, we are ready to distribute our amazing Italian ceramic porcelain kitchen, pantry, and other tiles to Puttalam, Kandy, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Kegalle, Matara, Galle, Kalutara, Ratnapura, Vavuniya, Mannar, Gampaha, as well as Colombo and Negombo.

What is the Perfect Tile Colour for Kitchens?

White, Light, or Off-White Marble Stone Kitchen Tiles

If you are going for a clean, pure, and luxury look, white or light coloured marble, stone, and metallic floor tiles will be your ideal choice. This will create a heavenly look that can be made to shine if you select glossy or shiny surfaced Italian tiles.

Silver, Grey, or Mixed Colour Kitchen Tiles

Today, many foreign clients and luxury stores and residences in Colombo as well as Negombo are purchasing silvery, light grey, or white mixed with silver tiles for their kitchens. Silver or grey colour is seen to be a modern colour for interior designs in homes, business offices, and hotels in Sri Lanka.

Eco-friendly Green and Yellow Wood Kitchen Tiles

Wood-looking ceramic porcelain tiles are popular in European and North American countries but this design style is slowly creeping up in Sri Lanka, especially in Colombo, Negombo, Wennappuwa, Moratuwa, and other urbanised areas.

A floor for your kitchen that looks wood but is more durable, easy to maintain, and of higher quality will make your kitchen food look more appetising to your loving family and friends.

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