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It’s your living space! You can select the best design to showcase your personality and style. Make it fabulous so you, your partner, kids, relatives, friends, neighbours, and co-workers can enjoy in a delightful fashion!

Grade A quality Italian marble, wood, stone, terracotta, fresco, and other tiles and designs to make your living and TV room or your hotel and office lobby the perfect place for your family, friends, or customers!

Live like in your own hotel!

Luxury Living

Do you dream of welcoming your family and friends in to your luxurious and eye-catching living room?

Now you can by selecting foreign hotel-style white, silver, and dark grey marble tiles for your home floor and wall.

Why Customers and Politicians Love it!
  1. Captures client’s eyes and hearts
  2. Feeling of polished luxury elegance
  3. Ideal for business and high-level discussions!

Dressed in White

If you want to highlight your furniture and captivate the heart of all your friends and family, then Italian marble white tiles will do the trick!

Why Designers and Visitors Love it!
  1. Place any furniture like in an artist’s painting
  2. Highlights all types of chairs and tables
  3. Sophisticated enough to attract any visitor!

Welcoming Living

An all-in-one sofa, dining, and TV area that smoothly invites friends, neighbours, and co-workers to your lovely home.

Why Families and Busy People Love it!
  1. Any type of work can be completed quickly
  2. Light shades of wood designs energise people
  3. A friendly and relaxing environment for kids, parents, and family friends!

Warm Living

Transform your living room in to a loving and kind-hearted place where you and your family share your blessings.

Why Mums and Neighbours Love it!
  1. Allows kids, parents, and loved ones to build tender bonds
  2. Pushes a calm feeling to their hearts
  3. Modern wooden textures match any home interior!

New Comfort Living

Fashionable off-white Italian tiles that adds a splash of ultra-modern beauty for modern sofas, televisions, curtains, windows, and other items.

Why Mums and Architects Love it!
  1. Display new interior design trends in your home
  2. Create a feeling of tranquillity mixed with class
  3. Gracefully showcase your design style to your family and friends!

Dark Elegance

If you like dark and silver designs, these fashionable high quality tiles will be ideal for your home living room or hotel and office lobby.

Why Guests and Pets Love it!
  1. Looks appealing with any type of modern furniture
  2. A mystic dark beauty that sets a refined mood
  3. Not only dogs, cats love it too!

Popular Living and Lobby Tiles in Sri Lanka

White Ocean
Clients use this for ....interior in luxury houses, apartments, hotels, and galleries.
tiles Marble
Clients use this for ....interior homes and hotels with many furniture items.
tiles Amani
Clients use this for ....large industrial factories and outdoors of office buildings.
tiles Iroko
Clients use this for hotels, homes, and company conference rooms.
tiles Granito
Clients use this for ....high class kitchens in shops, houses, hotels and ships.
Clients use this for ....unique and modern luxury rooms in Colombo and Negombo.
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Buy Eye-Catching Tiles for Your Sri Lankan Living Room Now!

Happy tile customers buying best quality porcelain tiles
Wow your customers, visitors, friends, and tourists!

We deliver Italian ceramic porcelain tiles anywhere in Sri Lanka for home, hotel, shop, and office living, lobby, and reception area floors and walls.

Our distribution and transport locations include Colombo, Negombo, Gampaha, Puttalam, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala, Matara, Kegalle, Ratnapura, Anuradhapura, Chilaw and any other Sri Lankan city.

We at Idel Tiles have marble, stone, wood, terracotta, granite, freso, glass, fabric, metallic, and many more design textures, sizes and shapes of the best quality beautiful tiles.

Best Quality Living and Lobby Tiles in Sri Lanka

Scientific Research and Information for Sri Lankans on Selecting Quality Tiles

The research team at Idel first studied several researches, scientific journals, and other publications from United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia, India, and other countries to properly understand tiles, flooring, ceramics, and industrial quality tiling.

research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Perfect and Beautiful Floor and Wall Tiles for Your Living and Lobby

TV and Game Room

Colour Combination The focus should be your television, home theatre, and other entertainment items.
White walls with beige, cream, silver, or off-white marble floor tiles are advised by architects.
Effect and Look Light-toned cement or concrete effect ceramic porcelain tiles will give a unique look. Shiny, glossy, or matte stone, metallic, or luxury marble tiles will be eye-catching for your floor.
Shape and Size The sizes should be standard and squared shaped. However, large rectangular tiles are now increasingly popular in hotels and offices.

Computer Office and Study Area

Colour Combination Distraction should not be created when selecting tiles and therefore white walls with wood-look floors are the perfect choice. Beige, cream, off-white, or bright yellow wall and floor porcelain tiles are strong and recommended.
Effect and Look A wood-look tiled floor is a very popular choice in Sri Lanka and the world.
Shape and Size Shapes should be uniform and the tiling should be default sizes. Too much fanciness should be avoided in your office or study room at your home, shop, or company.

Meeting and Conference Rooms

Colour Combination An inviting and welcoming ambience should be created, whether it is for a high-level business meeting or a family discussion.
Many offices, hotels, stores, and other companies opt for dark colours – wooden brown wall tiling mixed with dark maroon, grey, or black floor tiles will be attractive.
Effect and Look The meeting area should not look too flashy and should be professional as well as respectable.
Accordingly, our designers at Idel recommend marble porcelain tiles with medium surface textures. Wood-looking porcelain is also a fabulous choice for both business room walls and floors.
Shape and Size Large rectangular tiles will be suitable for company or hotel or home meeting rooms. Extra-large wood effect wall tiles are a popular choice for decades.

Reception, Lobby and Waiting Area

Colour Combination A calm, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere should be kindled in your office, shop, and hotel reception as well as in a medical centre, hospital, airport, or a modern IT firm.
White marble, stone, or even fabric wall porcelain tiling will be suitable when mixed with a light shade of beige, silver, or off-white matte marble floor tile.
Effect and Look Marble is the most popular for airport, hotel, and supermall customer waiting areas.
However, fabric or fresco porcelain tiles are also a trend in Europe and South Asia.
Shape and Size You can experiment with different shapes and sizes of tiles but it is advised to stick to square or rectangular tiles that are standard sizes.
However, larger tiles can be used if your reception or lobby area is huge in size and this will be appealing for visitors.

Welcome Corner and Coffee Table

Colour Combination The most prominent and sold tile for this corner in your office, home, flat or hotel living room is white on white or white plus beige, silver, or lavender.
White walls are still in style and off-white, cream, beige, salmon, light pink, or silvery shiny Italian floor tiles will look marvellously beautiful.
Effect and Look The effect is definitely marble or stone but interior designers and construction project managers are increasingly selecting metallic, cement-effect, and wood-effect porcelain tiles.
Shape and Size We recommend standard sized square or rhombus-positioned floor and wall tiles for small to medium buildings.
Larger tiles are ideal for rooms where the walking and furniture areas are large.
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

White, Beige, or Silver Marble Tiles for Your Living Room?

Marble tiles are a common design aspect of any home living room and hotel hall due to the elegant and luxurious appearance. While many Clients of Idel Tiles of Sri Lanka prefer marble tiles for their home living rooms, the question of what tile colour or shade to select is frequently asked. The primary reply given by the team of designers at Idel Tiles is to buy the marble floor and wall tile style that creates the overall look you want.

For example, if you desire to kindle a feeling of purity or ultra-strong cleanliness in your living room, then white marble tiles will be your best option. We at Idel Tiles in Sri Lanka have a number of white, ivory, venato, light silver, and off-white marble effect Italian floor and wall tiles. In addition,

On the other hand, if you would like to achieve a mysterious, elegant, and castle-like ambience in your own living hall, then we recommend a silver, grey, or light black marble tile design. These colour shades are the most suitable choice if you want to create a laid back elegant setting, which is perfect for families and environments where the family members are laid back. However, some of our favourite Clients have stated that homes with active children and busy parents are the perfect match for silvery marble tiles.

Beige, peach, coral, or light brown marble floor and wall tiles are suitable for a more outdoor-type living room. If your home faces a beach or lake, or if your home includes an extended garden or outdoor space, then our marble tiles that lean towards the colour tones of salmon, pink, yellow, and other similar colours will enhance your overall interior design.

Research References:
  1. Christo Daberera of Idel Tiles, (2018)
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Black Marble Tile Designs for Hotels, Shops, Offices and Salons

Why do Many Sri Lankan Salons have Black Floors and Walls?

You might have noticed that a number of Sri Lankan salons, hair dressing stores, wedding designers’ offices, and interior designers’ showrooms have installed high quality Italian tiles that are either completely black in colour or off-black. Most of these tiles adorn the marble effect and can last for several decades.

We at Idel Tiles of Sri Lanka wanted to understand the reasons behind the black coloured floor and wall tiles found in several shops in leading cities, including Colombo, Negombo, Kandy, Moratuwa, Dehiwala, Puttalam, Nugegoda, Kalutara, and Galle.

The prominent reasons for the above were as follows:

  1. Black floors and walls showcase a mysterious royal look
  2. Most merchandise (clothes, jewellery, perfumes etc.) look better on black backgrounds
  3. Many younger customers prefer black or dark settings.
  4. Black coloured tiles are not too glossy or shiny

Free Delivery for Black Marble Tiles in Sri Lanka

Designing the floors, walls, and the overall appearance of a business office or store is a significant step in any business owner’s journey and if done well, visitors and customers will be in awe of the magnetic design style. The Founder of Idel Tiles understands this and we have delivered black-coloured floor and wall tiles to a number of hotels, offices, cafes, hospitals, salons, apartments, and other spaces for free.

Research References:
  1. Benna Crawford (2014)
  2. Maria Killam (2015)
  3. Mary Cockrill (2012)
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Best Tiles for Your Furniture and Interior

Suitable Tiles for White Furniture or Interior

If your home or office furniture are predominantly white in colour, then white, silver, or off-white porcelain floor and wall tiles will be a perfect match. This will create a look that is pure as well as elegant. However, according to several interior designers, it will be better if golden, dark silver, or black coloured ornaments, lighting, and other items are placed in a small quantity to enhance the room's beauty.

Interior design expert Mihai C. M. (2010), working in Romania, has suggested to use light coloured wooden-effect tiles if you have white or off-white sofas, tables, and cupboards.

Suitable Tiles for Wooden or Brown Furniture and Interior

If your chairs, tables, cupboards, and other items are wooden in appearance, including brown and yellowish colours, a white or silver marble porcelain flooring will be suitable. However, some designers have created hotels and houses where the walls are made from wood-look ceramic tiles from Italy. This creates a magnetising mixture of beauty, quality, and compatibility. In addition, an eco-friendly environment is also formed.

An interior design company CEO Mihai C. M. (2010) suggested that white or light-coloured wood look tiling is suitable for wooden furniture. We have also seen that a natural-looking stone ceramic floor tile is suitable for wooden furniture rooms.

Suitable Tiles for Computer Rooms

The key focus should be no distraction from work or studies and therefore, a plain or light coloured floor or wall design is recommended by our team at Idel.

If your computer components, including your monitors, cases, power supplies, keyboards, and speakers, are black in colour, then white, off-white, silver, or beige coloured high-quality Italian porcelain tiling will be the best choice.

More and more young as well as elderly professional workers order wood-look tiles for their office, computer, and study rooms. These tiles are yellow-brown, whitish, or light brown in colour.

Research References:
  1. Mihai C. M. (2010), CEO of Interior Design Company in Romania
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Easy to Clean Hotel Home and Office Tiles for Sri Lanka!

Corporate offices, industrial factories, hotels, supermalls, and even your home is visited by many guests, customers, and friends on a daily basis. This is why your floor tiles should be cleaned regularly and properly. However, if you buy Idel’s 100% Italian made and designed ceramic porcelain tiles, your responsibilities and worries of cleaning your tiles goes away in a blink of your eye!

Yes, this is true! Listen to what a professionally experienced home cleaning firm owner Washington, USA, has to say about cleaning premium floor, wall and surface tiling. Corina Wilson (2014) has confirmed that porcelain tiles can be cleaned easily and without any use of hazardous chemicals.

However, if your floors have too much dirt, including grease, liquid spills, and food stains, then a more thorough approach is necessary. We studied what Corina Wilson (2014) and Italian tile manufacturing companies has to say about cleaning and maintaining tiling and here is what we came up with!

  1. Use just clean water for light cleaning
  2. A cloth, sponge, or soft mop is recommended
  3. Avoid using hard or sharp equipment for cleaning floors and walls
  4. Drops of vinegar with water is recommended for harder messes
  5. For unglazed tiles, the water should be dried soon after cleaning
  6. (Email or call the experts at Idel Tiles for more advice!)

The biggest advice we can give is to remember to clean, sweep, or mop your tiles on a regular basis. In addition, architect Ronique Gibson mentioned in 2010 that high quality floor tiles do not get spoilt from cleaning. Our team at Idel only imports and delivers industrial grade A Italian-designed living and lobby tiles that are uni-body, as well as heavy, beautiful, and ISO-certified.

Furthermore, our team would like to say that the products of Idel Tiles are tested in Germany and the European Union! Therefore, you can be assured that we will deliver only the best of the best to Colombo, Negombo, Chilaw, Kandy, Gampaha, Kurunegala, or anywhere in Sri Lanka!

  1. Benna Crawford (2014))
  2. Maria Killam (2015)
  3. Mary Cockrill (2012)
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