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Italian Tiles for Your

Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Fridge, Oven, Dishwasher Area
Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Cooking Area, Countertops and Sink
Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Food Eatery and Pantry
Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Blender, Juice, Tea, Coffee Area

Grade A quality Italian tiles and designs for Your hotel, home, cafe, office, shop, or factory kitchen, cooking, pantry, and serving spaces in Colombo, Negombo, Kandy, or anywhere in Sri Lanka!

Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Easy to Clean! Shiny! Water Resistant!

All-in-One Kitchen

Wooden floor tiles with white wall tiles to highlight your cooking oven, cabinets, utensils, fridge, dishwasher, and other kitchen equipment.

Why Mums and Chefs Love it!
  1. This design has a personality that makes you enjoy cooking
  2. Food and nature-friendly style
  3. Easy to clean and maintain food, drinks, and equipment

Drops of Cooking Magic

A spellbinding deluxe kitchen design if you love to show off your cooking in a lavish environment with stylish space for your fridge, oven, cutlery, and recipes!

Why Cousins and School Friends Love it!
  1. Space for mums and chefs to move freely while cooking
  2. Eye-catching interior design that could spark hunger!
  3. A cultured kitchen, pantry, and dine area for your family and friends

Kitchen Plus Dining

If you have a large kitchen, then these natural effect tiles will paint a ravishing scenery for your family to eat and enjoy.

Why Families and Neighbours Love it!
  1. This could make food and meals more enjoyable
  2. Children and parents will enjoy the resplendent natural design
  3. Aesthetically appealing for white, silver, or wooden kitchen appliances

Stonework Countertops

A silvery-white and wooden arrangement that helps professional cooking in hotels, restaurants, homes, ships, and stores.

Why Chefs and Guests Love it!
  1. The dazzling shine and gloss highlights your cooking
  2. Durable and allows cleaning food stains quickly
  3. Swiftly find the utensils you need as the design is created for your benefit

Earthly Kitchen

A village-style touch where the kitchen wall is a natural backsplash to highlight your tasty food, ornaments, and utensils.

Why Architects and Adventurers Love it!
  1. Any food, including fruits, vegetables and rice, looks better!
  2. A rural adventurous charm that gives a Sri Lankan difference to visitors
  3. Reminds your family and visitors or how great nature is!

Popular Kitchen Ceramic Tiles in Sri Lanka

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Bath Wash
Ceramic tile delivery in Sri Lanka Colombo by Idel

Buy Delicious Tiles for Your Sri Lankan Kitchen Now!

Happy tile customers buying best quality porcelain tiles
Make your lovely meals even more tasty!

We deliver Italian ceramic porcelain tiles anywhere in Sri Lanka for home, hotel, shop, and office kitchen floors and walls.

Our distribution and transport locations include Colombo, Negombo, Gampaha, Puttalam, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala, Matara, Kegalle, Ratnapura, Anuradhapura, Chilaw and any other Sri Lankan city.

We at Idel have marble, stone, wood, terracotta, granite, freso, glass, fabric, metallic, and many more design textures, sizes and shapes of the best quality beautiful tiles.

Italian kitchen taps, faucets, and accessories are also delivered by Idel. Press or tap this to check our faucets here!

Best Quality Kitchen Tiles in Sri Lanka

Scientific Research and Information for Sri Lankans on Selecting Quality Tiles

The research team at Idel first studied several researches, scientific journals, and other publications from United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia, India, and other countries to properly understand tiles, flooring, ceramics, and industrial quality tiling.

3 minutes read time per article
Researched from architects, interior designers, industrial experts and customers
Written by the research team of Idel Tiles Sri Lanka
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Perfect and Beautiful Floor and Wall Tiles for Your Kitchen

Refrigerator and Fridge Corners

Colour Combination White, Silver, Peach, Pale Green, Light Yellow, and Off-White tiling
Should match your equipment that could mostly be silver, white, or black in colour
Effect and Look Luxury marble, stone, granite, cement, metallic looking tiles
Eco-friendly and light-coloured wood-looking tiles
Shape and Size Small hexagon, triangle, rhombus or rectangular shapes for walls
Normal sized square or rhombus tiles for flooring.

Oven and Cooker Areas

Colour Combination Pure look or peaceful colours – white, silver, off-white, yellow, beige, salmon, peach
Effect and Look Marble, granite, or light coloured stone floors and walls
White or light brown and yellow wood-look porcelain
Shape and Size Small or normal sized square shaped tiles.

Countertop Tiles for Kitchen and Water Sink Surfaces

Colour Combination Go for a strong durable look or natural eco-friendly appearance
Glossy grey look is popular for water and tap sink areas
Effect and Look Granite, quartz, or tranquil marble
White or light shaded wooden looking tiles
Shape and Size Circular or rhombus tiling for walls adjacent to countertops or cabinets
Small or regular-sized square or elongated Italian porcelain tiles.

Cooking and Food Eatery Area

Colour Combination Appetising, vivid, and relaxing colours, including pure white, wooden light yellow, silver, beige, pale green, and cream colours
Effect and Look Attractive, non-flashy but inviting delicious look via ceramic porcelain marble floor tiles or light-toned wood-looking tiles
Shape and Size Wall backsplash can be hexagon, circular or round, and small in size
Flooring and countertops could be normal sized porcelain tiles, which are easy to clean and stain-resistant.

Pantry and Storage

Colour Combination A clean look as food is stored here – white rectangular tiles for both the flooring and background walls
Certain designers select pale green to acquire the organic natural look
Effect and Look Fresco or fabric ceramic porcelain tiles can look unique for this particular area
Wooden ceramic porcelain tiles are popular and give a fresh eco-friendly appearance for floors
Shape and Size Floor tiles can be larger in size, with rectangle-shaped tiles or normal tiles.

Drinks Bar and Table Area

Colour Combination WA dark mystic colour is popular but vivid light colours are also inviting – black, dim-gray, silver, maroon, orange-red, sky-blue, or even white and beige
Effect and Look Dazzling look that catches the eye – luxury marble for floors with white stone wall tiles and granite or fabric top surfaces
Shape and Size You can use some freedom here as this is an entertainment space – experiment with larger tiles for floor or walls.
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Beautiful Kitchen Wall and Background Tiles

A 2010 article written by kitchen designer Ronique Gibson has given one strong word of caution on selecting tiles for your kitchen walls and backsplashes.

Remember that your kitchen walls will have to handle food, drinks, soap, oil, grease, and hot water stains!

Therefore, select high quality easy to clean porcelain wall tiles for your kitchen, pantry, cooking area, or equipment corners! In addition,

Have you thought about using strong glass-effect tiling for your kitchen walls? Cynthia Bowman, a foreign home landscaping designer, has written in 2018 that glass walls and vertical backgrounds are useful to decorate rooms of your home.

We at Idel have several industrial grade glass looking ceramic porcelain wall tiles as well as floor tiles. All of our glass-effect tiles are manufactured in Italy and are popular in hotels, apartments, business offices, and supermarkets of Colombo, Negombo, Chilaw, Katunayake, and other cities of Sri Lanka.

However, the interior design and architecture researcher Simona Ganea (2017) have said that terracotta porcelain tiles are the most suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, she has stressed the importance of using different shaped wall and floor designs – from hexagons to rectangular tiles as well as extra large tiles. Using a combination of these for your house, shop, or office walls will paint a breath-taking scenery that will satisfy the senses of your customers, visitors, and family members.

Research References:
  1. Cynthia Bowman (2018), Author on home landscaping, Spain
  2. Ronique Gibson (2010), Architect and Marketing Consultant, Florida USA
  3. Simona Ganea (2017), Editor in Interior Design and Architecture
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Porcelain Tiles Fights Food Stains, Hot Water and Oil and Other Troubles!

It Can Get Messy! But Idel Has the Answer!

Remember food fights in your school, home, or crazy office? And then after just a few milliseconds of fun, do you remember cleaning up food, drinks, and plates? Yes, if the floors, walls, table surface, and countertops were of an average material, then cleaning up was a nightmare!

Chefs, culinary enthusiasts, and home cooks will also know that while everyone would praise your delicious meals, it is like a political rally aftermath when meal time is over. Food stains all over, grease and oil spots everywhere, liquid beverages spilt on the floor, plates and spoons on every nook and corner!

However, fear not, chefs, mothers, and the occasionally-cooking husbands! Idel Tiles import and deliver the best quality tiles of all sizes and shapes to any home or office in Colombo, Negombo, Gampaha, Puttalam, Galle, Kurunegala, or any other Sri Lankan city! We distribute marble, wood, stone, terracotta, fabric, granite, and other types of ceramic porcelain tiles that look fabulous in any kitchen!

Furthermore, all of our tiles are made and designed in Italy by leading Italian companies with experience that begins in the 1930’s! Therefore, the extra-high quality of all our kitchen, pantry, barbeque-area, countertops and cabinet surface tiles are all guaranteed by ISO and other international organisations.

Let’s Hear What Experts and Customers Have to Say!

According to a customer, Conall Smith (2017), ceramic porcelain tiles are stain-resistant and moisture-resistant. Furthermore, Smith has advised other customers that tile flooring is the most preferred choice for houses, hotels, company offices, supermarkets, and other buildings because of the high-level of quality. Another customer, Divya Shah (2018), has advised future tile buyers that actual ceramic porcelain floor tiling is waterproof.

John Riha (2016), a professional author and researcher, has confirmed that the most common and natural kitchen floors are ceramic porcelain tiling due to many advantages, including the hardness of the material, water-resistant, and fights stains easily.

As we found out above by studying the opinions of designers and researchers as well as the personal experiences of previous tile customers, if you select ceramic porcelain tiles for your kitchen floors as well as walls, you will immediately receive the following valuable benefits:

  1. Easy to clean and less maintenance is required
  2. Stain-resistant
  3. Waterproof and moisture-resistant
  4. Fireproof and smell-resistance
  5. Durable, tough, and long-lasting for decades.
Research References:
  1. Conall Smith (2017)
  2. Divya Shah (2018)
  3. John Riha (2016), professional writer on tiling and flooring
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Easy to Clean Kitchen Tiles in Sri Lanka!

Corina Wilson (2014), a professional home cleaner in Washington of the USA has suggested that ceramic porcelain tiles can be cleaned very easily. Just using water once a week or once a month (depending on how busy your home or office is) will be sufficient in most scenarios.

Furthermore, Corina Wilson (2014) has advised customers to follow a set of guidelines when cleaning kitchen ceramic porcelain tiles, for floors and walls:

  1. Use water for light cleaning
  2. Use a cloth, sponge, or soft mop and avoid hard or sharp equipment
  3. For tough unclean tiles, drops of vinegar with water is recommended
  4. Clean regularly, once a week or month depending on use
  5. For unglazed tiles, the water should be dried soon after cleani

Architect Ronique Gibson of Florida, USA, said in 2010 that the best tiles should be able to withstand cleaning, oil splatters, and grease. We at Idel only import and deliver grade A Italian-designed tiles that are uni-body, heavy, beautiful, and ISO-certified.

Research References:
  1. Corina Wilson (2014), owner of house cleaning company in Washington, USA
  2. Ronique Gibson (2010), Architect and Marketing Consultant, Florida USA
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Delivery of Kitchen Tiles in Sri Lanka!

Just one call to Idel Tiles and we will stop all our other work and swiftly load up your favourite and selected tiles and transport it to your doorstep!

You name it, we will deliver it! Highest and best quality marble, terracotta, stone, granite, wood, fabric, glass, and other kitchen floor and wall tiles have been delivered to hotels, stores, offices, homes, and other places since the company Idel Tiles was started! Even right now, as we were writing this article, our transport and logistic operators were loading some of the finest white and silver tiles for a same day delivery order!

We provide delivery to any province, district, city or village in Sri Lanka and at any time. Furthermore, we can arrange free or highly affordable delivery if you contact our Founder, Christo Daberera, directly via +94 777 176 169!

You might wonder if Idel delivers tiles to outstation destinations, and as we have done previously since 2004, we are ready to distribute our amazing Italian ceramic porcelain kitchen, pantry, and other tiles to Puttalam, Kandy, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Kegalle, Matara, Galle, Kalutara, Ratnapura, Vavuniya, Mannar, Gampaha, as well as Colombo and Negombo.

Colombo Kitchen Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles

Colombo is a diverse urbanised area of Sri Lanka and the kitchens in this region are generally busy with multiple cuisines being prepared each day. This is true for hotel, restaurant, shop, bakery, office, and house kitchens in Colombo.

Therefore, we recommend silver or grey coloured stone, granite, metallic, and cement effect ceramic porcelain tiling for kitchens while the walls can be white or light coloured. On the other hand, with the wood-look tile trend being popular in Colombo, you can also opt for beautiful yellow-brown or white coloured wood ceramic tiles for floors and countertops of your kitchen, pantry, or dine area.

However, customers still prefer marble effect tiles for their kitchens in Colombo. Most popular marble kitchen floor tiles are white, silver, beige, and off-white colours that are squared shaped and normal in size.

Idel Tiles has and will deliver the best imported Italian floor tiles for kitchens in Colombo, Fort, Pitakotuwa, Kollupitiya, Rajagiriya, Nawala, Nugegoda, Dehiwala, Moratuwa, Maharagama, Mount Lavinia, Piliyandala, Kesbewa, Seethawaka, Athurugiriya and other cities for free or low-cost prices.

What is the Perfect Tile Colour for Kitchens?

White, Light, or Off-White Marble Stone Kitchen Tiles

If you are going for a clean, pure, and luxury look, white or light coloured marble, stone, and metallic floor tiles will be your ideal choice. This will create a heavenly look that can be made to shine if you select glossy or shiny surfaced Italian tiles.

Silver, Grey, or Mixed Colour Kitchen Tiles

Today, many foreign clients and luxury stores and residences in Colombo as well as Negombo are purchasing silvery, light grey, or white mixed with silver tiles for their kitchens. Silver or grey colour is seen to be a modern colour for interior designs in homes, business offices, and hotels in Sri Lanka.

Eco-friendly Green and Yellow Wood Kitchen Tiles

Wood-looking ceramic porcelain tiles are popular in European and North American countries but this design style is slowly creeping up in Sri Lanka, especially in Colombo, Negombo, Wennappuwa, Moratuwa, and other urbanised areas.

A floor for your kitchen that looks wood but is more durable, easy to maintain, and of higher quality will make your kitchen food look more appetising to your loving family and friends.

Buy Industrial Quality Ceramic Floor Tiles for Kitchen Equipment

Designers, mothers, hotel owners, and shop owners! Our design team at Idel Tiles Sri Lanka strongly urge you to select your kitchen floor and wall tiles based on the actual external colour of your most prominent kitchen equipment, cabinets, and utensils. Black or grey on white is a nice but commonplace flooring style to go for but you could also select wood-look porcelain tiles from our Italian suppliers as these provide an aesthetically as well as natural resplendence.

Furthermore, remember to ask for only ceramic porcelain floor tiles as these types of products can easily bear the weight, strain, and stress load of any size or brand of fridges, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, coolers, and industrial refrigeration systems.

The colour and tone of the tiling around your kitchen, pantry, restaurant, or office fridge or cooler should be selected according to the exterior colour of the equipment.

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