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Italian Tiles for Your

Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Outdoor and Indoor Garden Park
Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Car Park, Garage and Driveway
Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Sports, Exercise and Footpath Arenas
Italian ceramic tiles for kitchens of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Swimming Pool and Verandah

Grade A quality Italian tiles and designs for your outdoor garden and pool areas in your Sri Lankan home, office, shop, hotel, or factory.

Italian ceramic tiles for outdoor garden pool of home and hotel in Sri Lanka Easy to Clean! Water Resistant

Charming Outdoors

For you in you want to live in a stylish and homely warm place that connects your indoor and outdoor.

Why Mums and Pets Love it!
  1. Not too posh but a perfect touch of modernity
  2. Natural look that comforts families
  3. Long-lasting and able to handle hundreds of thousands of footsteps

Magnetic Gem Look

Glossy Italian tiles that look amazing in day or night showrooms, indoor gardens, and balconeys.

Why Business People Love it!
  1. Catches the eye of customers
  2. Allows showcasing any important product
  3. Crystal clear and luxuriant look

Ultra-Comfort Outdoors

While elegance that is perfect for plants, light-coloured walls, and modern garden furniture.

Why Busy People Love it!
  1. It allows every family member to relax after busy days
  2. Promotes a peaceful and happy mood
  3. “Wow” your friends and neighbours with your style

Breath-taking Blue Beauty

Designed in Italy to be the perfect tile choice for swim pools and outdoor arenas.

Why Hotels and Tourists Love it!
  1. High water-absorption and slip-resistant
  2. Easy to clean and a perfect touch of modernity
  3. Natural look that comforts families

Paradise at Home

Earth-tone floor and wall tiles to perfectly match natural trees, plants, grass, and sand.

Why Families and Neighbours Love it!
  1. Children love to play adventure games
  2. Looks natural and creates a realistic forest
  3. Best tiles for Sri Lankan gardens and outdoors

Popular Outdoor Ceramic Tiles in Sri Lanka

White Ocean
tiles Cool Gloss
tiles Zebra
tiles Granito
tiles Red Sand

Select the room you like for
samples, ideas, photographs, and tile experts' opinions:

Living Lobby
Bed Closet
Kitchen Pantry
Dining Café
Outdoor Garden
Bath Wash
Ceramic tile delivery in Sri Lanka Colombo by Idel

Buy Natural Tiles for Your Sri Lankan Outdoors Now!

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Easily landscape your outdoor garden, park and pool!

We deliver Italian ceramic porcelain tiles anywhere in Sri Lanka for home, hotel, shop, and office outdoor garden, pool, garage, park, and sports ground floors and walls.

Our distribution and transport locations include Colombo, Negombo, Gampaha, Puttalam, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala, Matara, Kegalle, Ratnapura, Anuradhapura, Chilaw and any other Sri Lankan city.

We at Idel have marble, stone, wood, terracotta, granite, freso, glass, fabric, metallic, and many more design textures, sizes and shapes of the best quality beautiful tiles.

Italian outdoor water taps, faucets, and accessories are also delivered by Idel. Press or tap this to check our faucets here!

Best Quality Outdoor Garden Pool Tiles in Sri Lanka

Scientific Research and Information for Sri Lankans on Selecting Quality Tiles

The research team at Idel first studied several researches, scientific journals, and other publications from United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia, India, and other countries to properly understand tiles, flooring, ceramics, and industrial quality tiling.

research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Outdoor Tiling the Sri Lankan Way!

Natural beauty is common in our island country and there is a unique charm to Sri Lankan locations. This is the reason that the architects and interior designers associated with Idel Tiles have selected outdoor floor and wall tiles that speak volumes of the rural and urban Sri Lankan wonder.

Nature and outdoor surroundings is a core factor in most rural regions and luxury tourist destinations, including Nuwara Eliya, Bandarawela, Koggala, Chilaw, Dambulla, and Pasikudah. This is the reason that tourist and five-star hotels and shops in these areas always select Italian porcelain outdoor tiles that also give out a Sri Lankan touch.

research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Garden and Outdoor Landscaping with Ceramic Tiles

If you take a drive along the attractive coastal cities of Sri Lanka, including Mount Lavinia, Negombo, Wennappuwa or Little Italy, and Chilaw, you will certainly be amazed to witness the amazing foreign-type landscaping in many hotels, villas, luxury homes, and business offices.

The reason for this is that these business owners, managers, and residents have opted to only buy Italian-made and designed ceramic porcelain tiles. These pieces of construction magnificence attract our eyes and are affordable in the long run due to its international quality certifications and standards.

Landscaping your outdoor gardens or beachfront spaces, whether it is for a commercial, industrial, or residential purpose, should be carefully planned and implemented. Experienced landscaping artists and experts will suggest creating the following for extra enhancements:

  1. Footpath with wood-looking ceramic tiles
  2. Stone or granite effect ceramic tiles around a pond
  3. Marble or grey cement effect ceramic tiles to keep statues on
  4. Circular or hexagon shaped tiling for floors and walls
  5. Walls with ceramic tiles that imitate natural forests and mountains
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Advices on Installing and Placing Outdoor Tiles in Your Home

Kindly take a look at these guidelines and recommendations by the Management and research team of Idel Tiles Sri Lanka regarding outdoor floor tiles:

  1. Pick a peaceful relaxing colour tone - it could be sandy yellow, peach, or light wood colours
  2. Try to check if the tile is high quality, weatherproof and long-lasting
  3. The tiles should look natural and increase the beauty of your outdoor garden
  4. Avoid tiles that clash with your indoor floor and wall tiles
  5. Ceramic porcelain tiles with industrial grade A build are the best for Sri Lankan outdoor heavy use.
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Outdoor Garden Path Tiles in Sri Lanka – Foot, Jog, Exercise and Driveways

Plan and design an adventurous and beautiful footpath or driveway in your house, office, or factory outdoor area to enhance the outside environment! “Why?” you might ask us and we have found the answer! According to several industry designers:

  1. Footpaths or driveways is a simple trick to improve your outdoors and gardens
  2. Help you customers or friends to navigate in your home or company outdoor or park area
  3. 3. Naturally divide your outdoors in to separate sections, for example car garage, flower garden, pool, or kids’ play arena.

Australian outdoor design consultant Aarons Loganholme (2017) has advised customers that the best tile for outdoor, garden, and park foot or pathways are terracotta tiling or paving-based designs. The chief reason given by this professional is that terracotta floors blends in with the natural colours of your home or company backyard, garden, or outdoor.

Research References:
  1. Aarons Loganholme (2017), Outdoor Consultant in Australia
  2. Marty Ross (2015), Gardening and Landscaping Consultant
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

How to Select the Best Outdoor Tiles?

We at Idel Tiles Sri Lanka would like to emphasise the point that your outdoors should be one with nature and therefore, wood-looking Italian ceramic porcelain will be a perfect choice for your floors, walls, footpaths, and countertops. In addition, terracotta tiles or heavily textured stone or granite tiles will be another amazing selection to impress your visitors.

Additionally, if you desire a reserved, respected, and non-flashy look, then grey or blackish coloured marble, stone, granite, cement, metal, or terracotta Italian ceramic porcelain flooring and wall tiles will be your ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you want to create a vibrant and dashingly pretty ambience for your outdoor arena, then a luxury-type lighter off-white marble, stone, cement, fabric, or glass Italian ceramic porcelain tiling will be suitable.

Nevertheless, it is our final verdict that it is you, the client and the owner of the building that should be satisfied when selecting the perfect outdoor décor.

research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Interior Designers and Architects Advice on Outdoor Tiling

Interior design consultant Corey Willis (2016) was recently designing a home outdoor environment and simply stated the following when selecting or buying outdoor tiles: “The goal should be to make the outdoor living space as comfortable as indoor rooms.

Michelle Nelson (2017) has suggested recently that glazed ceramic porcelain floors and walls are a solid choice for outdoors and even indoor rooms. In addition, Nelson goes on to advice readers that ceramic porcelain tiles do not fade in sunlight and this is an important factor.

Furthermore, Michelle Nelson (2017) has warned us to buy water resistant outdoor tiling. In addition, sleek and glossy surfaces for floors will be a classy selection. Moreover, Italian-made ceramic porcelain floors or walls are easy to clean and last for decades. This results in lower costs and labour after you design your outdoor areas.

The articles published by Italian tile suppliers have given a simple guideline for outdoor tiling, including for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. According to their information, customers will benefit if they select designs that look natural or earthly. Consequently, terracotta or wood-looking porcelain floors and walls are perfect for your outdoor verandah, garden area, swimming pool, balcony, park, driveway, or garage.

Research References:
  1. Corey Willis (2016), Interior Design Consultant
  2. Michelle Nelson (2017), BYHY University
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Why Should You Redesign Your Home and Office Outdoors?

Corey Willis (2016), an interior design consultant emphasised the importance of redesigning the floor, wall, and environment of your home surroundings. It is the view of several industry professionals as well as the team at Idel Tiles Sri Lanka that an outdoor living area is an amazing spot that you can use to entertain your friends and family members.

Similarly, an outdoor construction business in Atlanta, United States of America, has stressed that you should make your residential outdoor space in to a “relaxing retreat”. Treat your outdoor garden area as an “extension of your home” as well as a social and entertainment space, where your friends can have an enjoyable time.

Another piece of valuable guidance given by the US construction organisation is as follows:

"Your outdoors should be attractive and also functional to guests.”

The US company has also advised to purchase seating with cushions that match the tiling of your house, shop, or office. Here, the colour and texture of your outdoor ceramic porcelain wall tiles as well as floors are important.

Research References:
research blog article on Sri Lanka ceramic tiles

Dark vs Light Tiles for Sri Lankan Paths Garages and Parks

Many hotels, houses, and factories in Colombo, Moratuwa, Puttalam, Gampaha, Wattala, Kalutara and other similar cities of Sri Lanka predominantly select porcelain tiling that have the granite, cement, stone, or metallic finish for their outdoor porch, footpath, play area, garage, and car park.

In addition, our research team members found out that darker colours, for example dim-grey, dark shades of silver, black, off-black, dark colours of navy blue, green, and brown are favourites in the island nation.

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Best Quality Outdoor Garden Tiles in Colombo, Negombo and Western Province

Our tile experts and designers recommend ceramic porcelain tiles that are homogenous with light-coloured surface. A natural tile surface will be ideal but many businesses in Colombo, Negombo, Wennappuwa, Chilaw, Moratuwa, Dehiwala and other areas have a liking for matte wood and marble tiles as well.

Additionally, for outdoors and sandy or plant areas, Idel recommends even porcelain-built terracotta tiles that are close to peach, yellow, red, brown, or silver grey.

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